Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why is the cover so expensive?

This is by far the number one question  I get.  There are several reasons. First of all, I'm not trying to price myself out of the market.  That would be silly.  The cover is fantastic and I want everybody who rides to buy one.  BUT-as I've mentioned all over my website, the fabric is unique and it's very expensive to purchase.  After we buy it, I have one of the best manufacturing plants in the USA make the covers to our specs.  Also, there are no seams in most of our covers. No shortcuts taken to make a cover-no cuttings are joined together. The hook/loop is top quality as is the elastic banding around the bottom of the cover.  All these steps are taken so as to insure that the end user gets a quality product that performs BETTER than expected.  And it does. Heck, it costs me more to make the SplitWeight(tm) cover that what the "baggie" style coated nylon covers sell for.

So, everyone has heard about "the pain of low quality remains after the price of high quality is forgotten" or something like that.  Fact is, I'll bet every one of us has purchased something motorcycle related we had high hopes for and it did NOT deliver.  Be honest with yourself.  Bet you have a garage full of stuff you don't use and would not recommend.  I've got 20 pair of gloves-18 of whitch stink!

I am bound and determined not to have my covers in that catogory.  So, it costs what it costs.  It has to.  SplitWeight(tm) covers are the absolute best at what they do. Period.  If you want a dry seat, or dry butt-pad, or dry sheepskin, or want to keep the sun from wrecking your leather-well, folks, I'm your guy.

Take a look at the testimionals.  Customers just send them. It pretty much speaks for itself.

So, again, if it's not for you-too expensive-I'm ok with that.  Please understand I don't make them for six bucks.  And no, you can't get the fabric anywhere-not like this.  Only one mill worldwide makes it.
There are inexpensive covers out there.  But, if you want the best available-you know who you are-then you can order a SplitWeight(tm) waterproof seat cover with the assurance that you have purchased the absolute best product of its' kind.