Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where are the testomionals?

With the redesigned website please look under the section WATERPROOF SEAT COVERS.
These are e-mail comments that have been sent to me-and they are unedited.  I'm really proud of the comments.

Why would you need a seat cover?

This one is easy.  I started making these for: riders who have a leather seating surface, and riders who use any type of pad on their motorcycle.  Remember: if you ride in the rain your seat and/or pad will absorb water.  Same if your bike is out overnight on a road trip.  The last thing you want is to be on a wet seat all day or sit on a damp sheepskin/buttpad.

The SplitWeight(tm) cover goes on in 10 seconds over your seat, pad or not, and can stay there.  Nothing gets wet-even the cover as it will not absorb water.

Thanks  Jim

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dan's Testimonial - Thank You for Sharing!

I just got back from an 8098 mile road trip down to the states and back. My daughter was in the sidecar and I had a little Coleman Powerchill cooler sitting on my passenger seat the whole way. The seat has a sheepskin seatcover and then yout waterproof cover. It functioned perfectly and is still in new condition even with the stress of the cooler sitting on it. I cut all the velcro off the driver's seat cover so I can just pop it on and off as needed. We've been through glacier country, California Redwoods, the heat of California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, up through Ouray, CO, Denver and Yellowstone.

Thanks for a great product!


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