Thursday, November 17, 2011

word getting out/slow but sure

After the review in the Dec. 2011 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine I've been getting a few calls and quite a few e-mails about the covers.  Sales have been ok, too.  Thanks.

What still makes me wonder are all the owners of Corbin, Russell, and LePera who spend $$$$$$ for a great product then don't/won't get a cover made for the seat.  I'll remind those owners to check the manufactures' website and see what they say about rain.  Simple enough to see for themselves.

A SplitWeight(tm) waterproof seat cover is the way to go.  Simple to use and built to last.  A business partner says it best, I think.  He states: "It's not the money, it's what you GET for the money."  I like that just fine.  40 bucks or so for a "glorified baggie or showercap" that the seat guys try to sell, or 90 bucks for a cover that will last for YEARS and you can USE in the rain.  I still get a laugh from some of the seat sellers who will sell you a rain cover and then say not to ride on it in the rain.  Really..............?